Phosphate Test Kit (20 test)


Phosphate Test Kit
– Can be used to test 20 times
– 2 test bottles


By using the Phosphate Test Kit you can measure the phosphate concentration in less than 1 minute and then does NoPhos accordingly.
To bind 0,1ppm phosphate, you need 1 ml NoPhos per m3 of pool water.
Example: At a pool volume of 100m3 and a phosphate concentration of 0,5ppm (=mg/l=g/m3), you need 500ml of NoPhos

Target Values for Phosphate Concentration:

  • Swimming Pools / Water Features: 0,0 ppm
  • Natural Swimming Pools / Ponds: 0,05-0,1 ppm


This Phosphate Test kit includes 20 tests and two testing vials. The instructions and color match discs are printed on the label. The test gives accurate results after only 60-seconds, and measures phosphate in steps from 0.00 mg/l, 0.20 mg/l, 0.50 mg/l to 1.0 mg/l
For most applications, you want less than 0.20 mg/l, and for this application the test is perfect.


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