UV STERILIZER for Water & Air Purification, Ozone destruction



UV sterilizer. ultraviolet radiation wavelength 254 nanometer (nm) is extremely effective in killing microorganisms such as airborne and waterborne bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and molds. Germicidal lamps are used extensively in the air and water purification applications including drinking water, ultrapure water, food and beverage industry, medical application, room r sterilization, sewage treatment. More than a germicidal property of 254 nm UV rays, it also able to apply for ozone destruction to reduce dissolved ozone gas in the water or ozone gas distributed in the room air.

Our UV Sterilizer & Ozone Generator Product

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     All UV-C systems which produce peak output of 254nm UV rays break down and remove health related problem with chloramines which are formed when free chlorine reacts with organics such as sweat, body fats, and urine. But our OUV system, unlike general UV-c system; our OUV are polychromatic and have a broader UVC peak output at 185nm and 254 nm. This broader range of UVC light output can remove all types of Chloramines (mono-, di- and tri- chloramines).

     After just a few days of UV operation, combined with chlorine level typically fall too low as 0.1 ppm or lesser. It will reduce all health related problems such as itchy skin or burning red eyes. Also, chlorine smell and corrosive properties are eliminated. Pool water is transformed to a safe place with a clean looking.

     Our OUV system also provides an increased level of disinfection, protecting against most of the chlorine resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which have a thick outer membrane making them highly resistant to traditional chemical disinfection. By adding ozone to the water to oxidize ammonia and nitrogen compounds. The longer the system operates, the more the ozone can destroy the ammonia and nitrogen.

     Ozone has been used for algae elimination for years with very good results. When compare ozone with some other very strong oxidants; ozone obtains very good results in a short amount of time more than Potassium permanganate & Chlorine & Hydrogen Peroxide. Combined system UV sterilizer and ozone perfectly control the algae formation. For almost all kind of algae, ozone can reduce more than 95%. Ozone systems effectively fight against Algae and maintain superb water quality. Marine hobbyist recognized the advantages of Ozone systems along the past. Definitely, Ozone is the most effective natural bactericide and viricide of all disinfecting agents available.

  • We use combination of UV rays & Ozone gas to disinfect pool water instead of Chlorine which is much more safer for skin and health of swimmers because there are no residual chemicals which are harmful for humans, no carcinogen.
  • There is 2 types of UV rays in our system : 185 nm UV rays and 254 nm UV rays.
  • 185 nm UV rays will remove Total organics content ( reduce TOC ) and also reduce Algae production.
  • 254 nm UY rays will kill bacteria , Viruses , Molds without any addition of chemical products.
  • Ozone gas will be mixed with pool water by Venturi technology to oxidize all pollutants in water and kill bacteria, Viruses, Molds, Reduce Algae.
  • UV rays will have no residual effect in the pool after passing UV reactor but dissolved ozone will remain in the pool 15-40 minutes depending on the temperature of pool water (cold water will keep longer dissolved ozone). Therefore in season which temperature is cold (lower than 20 celcius) without sunlight -> No use of Algaecide solution.
  • But in hot season & direct sunlight exposure,  algae may build up (since dissolved ozone can exist in water only 15-40 minutes). Therefore we strongly recommend to mix Copper Sulphate solution at concentration 0.5 gram/1,000 liters of pool water per week to completely prevent Algae production.




To sterilize water at optimum UV dosage 30-90 mJ/cm2.  Advantages of our UV STERILIZER over conventional UV:

  • 304 Stainless steel UV reactor chamber.
  • Internal polishing as a mirror for maximum reflection –> maximum UV dosage 30-90 mJ/cm2 @specified water flow rate.
  • High-quality quartz sleeve for highest UV transmission.
  • Special designed – Combination of Quartz sleeve & UV lamp holder in a single piece for a convenient replacement. UV lamp or cleaning external surface of quartz sleeves with the most convenient way.
  • High output UV lamp to generate 254 nm UV rays 9,000-13,000 hours lifetime.
  • Electronic ballast 25,000 hours lifetime.
  • Transparent plastic Lamp holder cap to show blue light while UV lamp still operates.
  • Advanced design to prevent water by-pass flow inside S.S reactor chamber (without sufficient contact time with UV lamp ).
  • Alarm by light & sound when UV lamp cut-off.
  • STANDARD UV STERILIZER: To sterilize water flow rate 8 GPM to 120 GPM
  • LARGE COMMERCIAL PRODUCT: To sterilize water flow rate 160 GPM to 960 GPM


Another application of UV in Water Treatment Industry:

     Some water treatment applications, Ozone gas is injected into the water stream to oxidize trace organics or to disinfect the piping and distribution system, but residual ozone is often remained at Point-of-Use P.O.U. In some application, there is no allowance for dissolved ozone at Point-of-Use. The most efficient method to remove residual ozone without chemical add by using UV 254 nm as post treatment.


UV energy at 254 nm wave length able to catalyze dissolved ozone gas back into oxygen gas. Please click at each section for more details.

  • OZONE UV STERILIZER: Ozone production capacity 1 GPH to 6 GPM, Water Disinfection flow rate 30 GPM to 180 GPM
  • OZONE DESTRUCTION: For water flow rate 15 GPM to 90 GPM
  • LARGE COMMERCIAL: To sterilize water flow rate 64 GPM to 384 GPM