Smart Water Vending Machine

Stainless Steel Body #304

New Model of Water Vending Machine with Smart Functions.

If nothing changes, 500 billion plastic bottles can be sold every year around the world, how many of these plastic bottles end up in the environment?

Millions of consumers around the world want this to change.

Yes but how??

You are an entrepreneur, you want to invest in an eco-responsible project which allows you to replace plastic bottles with recyclable bottles.

Choose the dispenser for ambient, cool, sparkling water, with or without taste – SMART WATER VENDING MACHINE

Ambient Water

for daily consumption

Fresh Water

to cool off on hot days

Sparkling Water

for a fun break

Flavored drink

Flavored Water

for delicious moments

Re-using Bottle

for eco-responsible

Smart Water Vending Machine with Unit Model: a Selected option that suit your needs

Option 01

Bottle Vending Unit

Bottle Vending Machine

Main Unit

Water Vending Machine

Smart Water Vending Machine

Option 02

Flavor Storage Cabinet

Multi Flavor Water Vending Machine

# Multi Payment Method

Credit Cards

Member Cards

Coins & Bills

QR Code


  • Variety of drinks in one machine
  • Variety of options for payment
  • Advertising display
  • Online monitoring system


  • Bottle Vending Unit
    For selling re-useable bottle
  • Flavor Storage Cabinet Unit
    For multi-flavor machine

Custom on demand

  • Can custom type of water
  • Can choose flavors
  • Can custom bottle size
  • Can custom design of machine

Our Unit Model will fit any requirements, just let us know.

Our flavors are natural, organic, without preservatives and without added sugar.

Maximize your eco-responsible approach and your advertisement, by adding to the water sales unit the automatic distributor of recyclable, modern, convenient and branded stainless steel bottles!

Vending Machine with Touch Screen

Stand-alone Main Unit

Multi Function Water Vending Machine

Main Unit with Bottle Vending 

Multi Function Water Vending Machine

Full Function Unit 

A complete solution respectful of nature, reliable, economical

and praiseworthy for your business

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions