Water treatment system

Ultrafiltration / UV Sterilizer System



10 LPM


25 LPM


50 LPM


Reverse Osmosis

Essentiel’Eau: UF3000

Flow Rate: 11,520 Liter per day

Flow Rate: 3,024 GPD

Special Price Direct from Manufacturer:

2,599 USD

for professional order more than 1 unit,
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  • Weight: 110 KG include media filter
  • Size: 135cm X 43cm x 46cm
  • One Activated filter media tank
    • Fiberglass tank 8″x44″ (20.32cm x 111.76cm) , complete with manual backwash valve.
    • Filled Performace filter media, Total 21 Liters (25Kg)
  • Two water pump, Diaphragm type, 230Vac 50Hz, Flow rate: 3GPM ( 11.35LPM), 140W x 2
  • One UV sterilizer, 25 watts, 220Vac 50/60Hz
  • One UF filter completed a with the automatic flush valve.
  • One post carbon block filter, 2.5″x20″ (6.35cm x 50.8cm) cartridge length.
  • One water flow meter.
  • One water pressure gauge.
Additional feature: Multi-Spectrum Coagulant and Flocculant for eliminating manganese iron color, Clear up cloudy water. – PRICE: 294 USD

(Include dosing pump, injector, PLC for control Injection, an injection pipe. All assembly in the waterproof control box and install in the system.)

*With Additional feature

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