General terms and conditions

For sales and deliveries of
Swiss thai water solution co., ltd (Thailand)

Terms and Conditions


Agreement” means any agreement for the provision of Goods or Services by Swiss Thai Water Solution Co., Ltd “the Company” to the Buyer;

Buyer” means the person, firm or corporation acquiring Goods or Services from the Company;

Goods” means Goods supplied by the Company to the Buyer;

Services” means Services supplied by the Company to the Buyer;

Price List” means the price list distributed by the Company from time to time;

1. Return and refund policy

  1. The Company reserves the right to decline the return of products under any circumstance, except for the necessary exchange of such products in the event of defects, or faulty specifications as to color.
  2. The Company shall, within seven (7) days, replace the products that meet the criteria set for replacement in Clause 2(a) above.
  3. The Company shall offer the Buyer full refund of the purchase price tendered if the Company is unable to find a replacement of the original product as ordered by the Buyer. The Buyer shall attach the original purchase receipt, and bank account details for purposes of refunds.

2. Cancelling an order

In the event that a deposit is paid after seven (7) days of the cancellation of the )order The Company reserves the right to refund the deposit.

3. Conditions of sale

  1. Buyers shall solely bear the costs associated with taxes and customs laws of the country of delivery. The Company’s prices are quoted in Euros, exclusive of taxes and other customs fees.
  2. The pictures of products as displayed are only illustrative and shall not be construed as contractually binding.
  3. For goods intended for human consumption, or otherwise connected to production or processes related thereto, the Company guarantees that it uses sanitary materials, and buyers are requested to check on their local laws for purposes of compliance with standards and, where necessary, request for documentation from the Company. Where refusal permits are not granted by the authorities, the goods shall not be returned or refunded.
  4. The orders shall be confirmed by way of e-mail, detailing the specification of the goods, addresses, and delivery timelines.

4. Shipping and delivery

  1. The goods shall be shipped using the shipment mode chosen solely by the Buyer.
  2. The Company’s warranty does not extend to damage of the devices if such damage occurs during shipment. Customers shall immediately report any damage in writing on the delivery note and make a claim to the delivery service used by the customer.

5. Warranties

  1. Unless otherwise specified, the goods are guaranteed from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defect for a period of 12 calendar months.
  2. UV lamps, probes ORP, PH, injection pipes, pumps, dosing/circulation/ozone injection, ions generator are parts subject to wear, and the warranty is six (6) months.
  3. No warranty is provided for consumables.
  4. No technician is sent to the customer’s site, neither for installation nor for interventions under warranty, unless agreed by both parties.
  5. In case of a warranty claim, the device must be returned to us properly packed, proper postage, and a valid purchase agreement. The cost of return of our devices for warranty or other reasons are the responsibility of the customer, the return after the repair is at our expense except in case of refusal to receive the goods by the customer upon delivery.
  6. The warranty does not cover breakage of the lamp and the quartz glass.
  7. The Company shall expressly reject any warranty claim resulting from improper installation or incorrect ordering.
  8. Faults resulting from poor maintenance are not covered by the warranty. Warranty repairs can only be performed by our Company.

6. Maintenance

  1. Buyers are advised to replace the lamp after 8,000 hours (mean function of lamp non stop 24 hours per day for one year). Production of ozone with UV-C lamps decreases from 5,000 hours.
  2. The Company shall not be responsible for any consequential damage resulting from malfunction, poor maintenance, or incorrect use of the device.

7. Delivery Requirements

  1. The Company shall commence shipping when payment is made into the Company’s bank account, which shall be within two business days.
  2. If the Company needs to industrially produce the goods ordered by the Buyer, advance payment 50% to confirm the order shall be made to start production, the balance payment shall be made before the delivery date.
  3. The Company shall calculate the time of delivery after receiving the full payment proof from the Buyer. This delivery time is an estimate, depending on the Buyer’s shipper.

8. Governing law/venue

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Thailand. If any action is brought to interpret or enforce any term of this Agreement, the action shall be brought in a court situated in Chiang Mai, Thailand