What are the functions of ozone?

Ozone is active in nature and is a powerful oxidant. The standard reduction potential of ozone is 2.07 higher than hypochlorous acid 1.49 , and ozone does not produce carcinogenic trihalomethane. Ozone will not remain, it will naturally transform into oxygen. It is an excellent disinfectant. Therefore, ozone is like a good craftsman. It is very efficient at work and does not drag water when leaving. It is clean and residual by-products free.

functions of ozone

What are the functions of ozone in water ?

Sterilization, oxidation, micro-coagulation , decolorization and deodorization, advanced oxidation.

What are the functions of ozone in the air ?

Deodorization, chemical oxidation, food preservation, and biological inhibition.

Ozone and human ?

Human exposure to high concentrations of ozone is also harmful, so you must pay attention to safety when using ozone.

What are the advantages of ozone over chlorine and other chemicals?

The general advantages are as follows:

  • Ozone can kill more microorganisms than chlorine. (Especially the pear-shaped cysts with strong resistance to chlorine can only be killed by using ozone) .
  • The sterilization rate is faster than chlorine , so it can reduce the contact time, reduce the volume of the reaction tank, and increase the processing capacity.
  • After the ozone is oxidized and disinfected, the ozone will automatically reduce to gas . The chlorine still remains in the water, in order to eliminate the need for follow-up treatment.
  • Ozone will not produce by-products of disinfection that are carcinogenic. Chlorine disinfection will produce disinfection by-products such as chloramines and trihalomethanes. The regulations on the disinfection by-products of tap water and wastewater will become stricter, and ozone will replace most of the chlorine.
  • Ozone cannot be stored and must be manufactured on site and used immediately. Therefore, unlike chlorine, there is no risk of transportation leakage, and there is no storage problem.
  • As long as the ozone machine is bought one time, it can continue to produce ozone. The chlorination system requires continuous purchase of chlorine. Can ozone water be used to clean food and the counter ?

Ozone in direct contact with food

In June 2001 , the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the food industry to use ozone in direct contact with food and as a biological inhibitor. At the same time, ozone water has been proven to control the density of microorganisms on food and food-contact surfaces. Using ozone water cleaning worktops, benefits cutting board, knives, dishes are: to reduce the number of bacteria (including pathogenic Salmonella genus Salmonella , Scott Laid Salmonella Listeria , E. E. coli , Chi Shigella genus Shigella) , thus reducing the cross-contamination of food, make food safer. Another reducing bacteria ㄧ two benefits are: reducing the bacteria that cause food spoilage. In other words, cleaning foods that are prone to spoilage (fresh fruits and vegetables) with ozone water can reduce the number of microorganisms that cause spoilage, so that the food can be stored longer.

functions of ozone
functions of ozone
functions of ozone

What are the benefits of using ozone at home?

It depends on where you use ozone. Ozone has a significant effect on the purification of indoor air.

  1. Ozone has been proven to oxidize molds, yeasts and fungi.
  2. Ozone can effectively eliminate cigar, cigarette smoke odor.
  3. Ozone can even oxidize pollutants released by carpets, paints, and furniture.
  4. Ozone is also used to remove pet odor elimination carpets, house all the buildup of smoke odor.


What are the important effects of ozone on water quality treatment?

The hydroxyl group produced when ozone decomposes in water has a strong oxidizing power, which can quickly remove iron, manganese, odor, peculiar smell, bacteria, viruses, etc. in the water, and reduce water molecules to make the water taste sweet. In addition, chlorine or trihalomethane in tap water can also be eliminated by the effect of ozone.


Does ozone have an inhibitory effect on mold?

The method of ozone disinfection against bacteria is to directly oxidize the cell body of the bacteria, that is, to destroy the genes of its DNA to achieve the effect of inhibition.

The main function of ozone?

Ozone has five major functions: sterilization, detoxification, preservation, deodorization and bleaching.


It can quickly and completely remove viruses and bacteria in the air and water. The experimental report of academic units pointed out that when the ozone concentration in the water is 0.05ppm, it only needs 1 minute of treatment, and the lethality of bacteria can reach more than 99.9 %


Due to the development of industry and commerce, the air and water are full of various substances that are toxic to the human body, such as carbon monoxide, pesticides, heavy metals, fertilizers, organic matter, odor, color, etc., which will be decomposed into the human body after the ozone treatment A harmless and stable substance.


Most advanced countries in Europe and America have used ozone extensively in the storage of various foods, which can reduce the damage rate of food, reduce costs and increase profits


Ozone itself is a strong bleaching agent, because ozone has a strong oxidizing power. Hotels and prisons in the United States use ozone to treat clothes.


Ozone can quickly and completely decompose various peculiar smells in water or air because of its strong oxidizing power.


What is the role of ozone in the air?

The concentration of ozone in the air of about 0.05ppm can reduce the number of bacteria in the air by about 70%, and reduce the virus in the air by about 60 to 90%. In addition, ozone can decompose both nitrogen and sulfur odors in the air . However, the concentration of ozone in the air is higher than 2ppm , which will cause dizziness and uncomfortable respiratory system. Normal people will heal as long as they leave the environment, such as asthma, etc., which may cause shock !!

When using an air-type ozone generator, you must have a device that automatically detects the concentration. As it involves different space levels, it is relatively inaccurate, so use it with caution!


How long will I use it before I feel it?

Ozone has a strong bactericidal and oxidizing power, so its effect is almost immediate in some aspects, such as the elimination of odor, the removal of fishy odors from seafood, the decomposition of pesticide residues in vegetables, etc., and other such as the use of ozone water bath can eliminate various general skin diseases such as athlete’s foot, eczema, hips raising.


Why can ozone achieve the sterilization effect?

The ozone sterilization force is chloro 3000 times, disinfection force cresol stock solution 30 times.

Bacteria take protein, RNA , and DNA as their main components, and are composed of polysaccharides, proteins, lipids, etc. Viruses are composed of protein, RNA , and DNA . For bacteria or viruses death and not activated, must be destroyed or damaged its composition. Ozone can penetrate into bacteria or viruses, turning them into enzymes. And in RNA , fungi and other dissolved substances, the DNA is permanently damaged.


The beauty effect of ozone water?

Skin metabolism mainly relies on the supply of nutrients and oxygen in the blood. Excessive thickness of the skin’s stratum corneum will cause the reproduction of various bacteria. The milder affects the appearance of the skin and skin aging, the severer causes various skin diseases, ozone It has the ability to sterilize, disinfect, deodorize and decompose dirt, which can quickly replace the old skin with new ones and gradually restore the normal functions of the skin. The ozone cold water bath has a better effect on inhibiting bacteria, molds and viruses due to the higher amount of ozone dissolved in the water at lower temperature. The whole body is in ozone water, and the acupuncture points of various parts of the body are activated by absorbing oxygen to quickly relieve fatigue, especially for patients with skin diseases, it is better to use ozone cold water bath.


What is the effect of ozone on the health of mouth and teeth?

Oral diseases are mostly caused by bacterial or bacterial infections, and the dirt accumulated in the spaces between teeth cannot be removed by brushing. The interdental spaces become a breeding ground for bacteria or dental plaque , and various oral or dental diseases occur over the years. Such as periodontal disease, thrush, oral ulcers, tongue coating, tooth decay, bad breath, toothache, tonsil inflammation, throat inflammation, etc. Ozone water has strong penetrating power and can penetrate deep into the alveolar to quickly complete the sterilization effect. Using ozone water instead of tap water to rinse and brush your teeth in daily life can prevent the occurrence of the above-mentioned various symptoms.