WATER Treatment UNIT


Solar Powered Water Vending Machine

Production capacity: 3000 liters of drinking water per 24h.
Possible configuration: water treatment unit without Solar Panel module.

Water Treatment Unit Powered by Solar Power

  • Easy maintenance
  • Adaptable for any type of water.
  • Simple to install, delivered assembled “ready to install”.
  • Total autonomy by solar panel (s) and batteries.
  • The fiberglass crate is waterproof, so it can be exposed to rain.
  • Very low maintenance cost, thanks to the use of automatic or manual filter washing.

A typical configuration for obtaining drinking water from surface water
(adjustable according to the properties of the incoming water and the required quality):

  • Coarse pre-filtration (manual washing).
  • Feed pump.
  • Medium pre-filtration (automatic washing).
  • Fine pre-filtration (automatic washing).
  • UV sterilizer – Ozone.
  • Membrane filtration (automatic washing).
  • An integrated tank of 160 liters in stainless steel.
  • Ozone injection into the tank.
  • Delivery pump 15 liters / minute at 3 bar pressure.
  • Pressure ball made of stainless steel.
  • Post-UV sterilizer.
  • Post-filter activated carbon.
  • Online Monitoring through Android/iOS app (sales, maintenance and operation management)

All bodies are 304 stainless steel food Grade.

Water Treatment Unit Powered by Solar Power

2 batteries: 4 days autonomy,
with a minimum production of 1000 liters per 24 hours during the days without sun.

Water Vending Machine with Solar Power
Solar Systems Water Vending Machine

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