Swimming Pool Solutions – No Chlorine

Swimming Pool Solutions

Swimming Pool Solutions:

  • APF®: For the Best Coagulation and Flocculation.
  • AFM®: Unique Bio-Resistant Activated Filter Media.
  • ACO®: Active Catalytic Oxidation.
  • ZPM: The Static Mixer for the Cavitation of Water.
  • NoPhos: Without Phosphate Algae Can’t Grow.
  • DryOx: Removes Biofilm & Pathogens.

Our Efficiency Swimming Pools Solutions

Swimming Pool Solutions

Proudly Present the Innovation of Filter Media

International quality With many standards.

AFM® benefits

  • Special glass filter It can filter heavy metals such as iron, manganese, chromium, phosphine, arsenic, etc.
  • Reduce COD, BOD, turbidity
  • Maximum filtration efficiency of 1 micron (0.001 mm)
  • Can filter up to 0.1 microns when used with APF® and ZPM.
  • Reduces chlorine consumption by 50%
  • Reduces wastewater from filter cleaning by more than 50%
  • Long lifetime 10 years without remove
  • See the results quickly. Value for money.

UV Versus Chlorine

Total Chlorine – Free Chlorine = Combined Chlorine

Combined chlorine does not kill bacteria and viruses, cause various health related problems, strong odor. Chloramines (Combined chlorine) are poor sanitizers and have a gaseous tendency

Continuous researches already proved that Chlorine creates various Health related problems i.e Chloramines (There is 3 types: mono-, di- and tri- chloramines); nitrogen trichloride.

Swimming Pool Solutions

Introduction Ultraviolet systems to combine with Chlorine in swimming pool because of the ability of UV rays to break down and remove combined chlorine, chloramines.

  • We use a combination of UV rays & Ozone gas to disinfect pool water instead of Chlorine which is much safer for Skin and Health of swimmer because there are no residual chemicals to be harmful to Human, no carcinogen.
  • There is 2 types of UV rays in our system: 185 nm UV rays and 254 nm UV rays.
  • 185 nm UV rays will remove Total organics content ( reduce TOC ) and also reduce Algae production.
  • 254 nm UY rays will kill bacteria, Viruses, Molds without any chemical added.
  • Ozone gas will be mixed with pool water by Venturi to oxidize all pollutants in water and kill bacteria, Viruses, Molds, Reduce Algae.
  • UV rays will have no residual effect in the pool after passing UV reactor but dissolved ozone will remain to exist in the pool 15-40 minutes depend on the temperature of pool water (cold water will keep longer dissolved ozone).Therefore in a season which temperature is cold (lower than 20 Celsius) without sunlight -> No use of Algaecide solution.
  • But in Hot season & direct sunlight exposure , Algae may build up (since dissolved ozone can exist in water only 15-40 minutes). Therefore strongly recommend mixing Copper Sulphate solution at concentration 0.5 gram/1,000 liters of pool water per week to completely prevent Algae production.
Swimming Pool Solutions

In pond environment Ozone:

  • Highly effective in removing organics, and reducing ammonia and nitrites.
  • Act as a sterilizing agent to kill viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.
  • It is economical and non-polluting when used correctly.
  • Improves biological and mechanical filtration by burning off proteins, ammonia and nitrite straight to nitrates and by enriching our pond water with Oxygen. Lowers biological oxygen demand (BOD) and raises the REDOX potential in the water (the ability of the water to oxidize pathogens).
  • Can remove toxic pollutants, such as hydrocarbons and other toxic substances from  pond water which cannot be achieved by any other form of mechanical or biological filtration.

When Ozone contact with the water it quickly ‘burns’ off polluting organic material and breaks down back into Oxygen. As well as disinfecting the water and killing bacteria, viruses and free swimming parasites, Ozone also kills algal cells.

The disinfected water returned to the pond is also saturated with oxygen so that the biological filter is able to work at its full potential. Ozone is so powerful that it is similar to having a dose of Chloramine T or Potassium Permanganate in the pond, without any of the chemical side effects.

As Ozone also burns off proteins and organics water clarity is improved enormously and the water sparkles to the point where the color of the pond is not impeded in any way by the depth of water. To correctly calculate the size of Ozone generator to achieve optimum Ozone dosage.

When using oxygen as a feed gas, via an oxygen generator for Corona discharge ozone generator; it requires minimum 0.3 gm of Ozone per water 1,000 gallons or 0.08 gm per 3.75 cubic meter.