Air purifier can protect yourself and your family from virus, bacteria and VOCs


The Air purifier “Pyramid Air Protect” is certified by an independent European laboratory, and ensures clean, safe air within a radius of about 8 meters. Certified to work against coronavirus (Covid-19), this air and surface purifier achieves the sterilization and disinfection of your home through a three-pronged technology: UV light, plasma ion generation, and ozone.

Air purifier against virus

Important to protect your home and your family from harmful germs


During COVID-19, it is even more important to protect your home and your family from harmful germs and bacteria in the air. Unlike a normal air treatment device, this air sterilizer has two highly effective modes you can choose from for the disinfection and sterilization of your home. In ozone mode, the air purifier runs continuously during the nighttime, to clean your surfaces without a person in the room. Ozone generated in the air destroys viruses and bacteria on all surfaces. In normal mode, the air and surface purifier will suck the ambient air, and also generate plasma ions to trap dust particles in the air. This creates a safety radius of up to 2 meters. Additionally, UV and plasma lamps inside the machine will kill the germs entering it, as the air is circulated through the device. No other air treatment method works as efficiently or as effectively. UV and plasma sterilization is safe, chemical free, and highly effective.

Pyramid Air Protect will disinfect your surfaces


 With the Pyramid Air Protect, there is no need to disinfect your surfaces. It will act as a powerful ozone surface purifier for you, so you can finally relax knowing your home is clean and free of dangerous bacteria and viruses. The Pyramid Air Protect is silent (45db like a computer) and features an attractive modern design, so you will not be disturbed as it cleans and purifies your home. You may even forget it is there! There are no filters to change, and it is entirely safe to use. Unlike other methods of sanitizing, the Pyramid Air Protect does not use any chemicals at all. The Pyramid Air Protect works continously, so there are no gaps in your protection from potentially harmful particles in the air. Additionally, it comes in multiple sizes to fit the needs of your unique space. It destroys coronavirus and all other viruses and bacteria quickly – no need for other, labor-intensive methods of disinfecting!

Be relax in your clean home
air purifier against coronavirus

Pyramid Air Protect is certified against coronvirus


The premium air and surface purifier is right here. The Pyramid Air Protect is certified against coronvirus, and is perfect for homes, offices, gyms, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and anywhere else that you need to keep yourself, your family, and your visitors safe from airborne particles. You and your friends deserve to live healthy lives, without worrying about the viruses, fungi, and germs that inhabit the air around you. Using the Pyramid Air Protect, you will breathe easy knowing that your room is safe and sanitized. Now more than ever, it is essential to protect yourself with enhanced efforts to clean and sanitize your living spaces. The Pyramid Air Protect makes this process easy and effortless, and you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are breathing clean, healthy air.

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