Large Commercial UV Sterilizer AMALGAM UV-C Lamp


  • 304 Stainless Steel housing.
  • Polished Inner wall ASTM #A270 High-quality quartz sleeve for maximum UV transmission.
  • Amalgam UV lamp to generate 254 nm UV rays 12,000 hours lifetime.
  • Electronic ballast 25,000 hours lifetime.

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Amalgam UV Lamps

High-performance Amalgam lamps are strong performers in the three key areas of 254nm UVC output, lamp efficiency and lamp life. Amalgam lamps produce over 400% more 254nm UVC output than conventional low-pressure UV lamps while maintaining a superior lamp efficiency. The operating life of amalgam lamps is up to 14,000 hours, depending on factors such as lamp operating conditions, a number of days on/off cycles and the duration of the off period. This is 3 to 4 times that of typical medium pressure lamps and almost twice that of standard low-pressure lamps. This long lamp life reduces UV System downtime and lamp replacement labor associated with standard low-pressure lamps by up to 50%. Similarly, the downtime associated with medium pressure systems is 3 to 4 times that of our amalgam systems.




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UV40Am – 105W, UV80Am – 210W, UV120Am – 315W, UV160Am – 420W, UV240Am – 630W, UV340Am – 760W, UV510Am – 1140W


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