Water Vending Machine Kits & Parts

Accessories Part Replacement
  • Bill acceptor
  • Coin acceptor
  • Coin meter
  • Delivery pump
  • Dual TDS meter
  • Flow switch
  • Mini float switch
  • RFID card reader
  • Smart card reader
  • Solenoid valve

We also provide & supply various kits to enable you to fabricate your own water vending machine/water kiosk/water shop at your site to save transportation & handling cost; to fabricate in your own designed body and your exclusive features for commercial applications.

  • Vend Controller Circuit Board to control the whole system inside Water Vending machine.
  • RO Water Purification system 300 GPD
  • RO Water Purification system 1000 GPD
  • Nanofiltration Water Purification system 300 GPD
  • Nanofiltration Water Purification system 1000 GPD
  • Water Delivery system 3 gallons per minutes.
  • GSM monitoring/Alert system to enable you to monitor/control your vending machines in multiple sites thru GSM mobile phone or PC at the central office.
  • Always-Non Contaminated dispensing nozzle by ozone-UV to keep dispensing nozzle = always sanitized and prevent bacteria & viruses contamination into purified water.
  • A various payment system to serve your business plan includes Coin Acceptor; Billnote Acceptor; Smart card reader; RFID card reader; Coin changer to give changes.

KITS for your own assembling Water Vending Machine

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