Why you should choose our Water Vending Machine?

Water Purification System

Water Delivery System

Selling & Payment System

Smarter Operation

(4 Options for choosing)

  • Reverse Osmosis System 0.0001 micron ( Output TDS = Lower than 10 ppm ) Available Capacity for choosing : 1,100 Liter/Day ; 2,200 Liter/Day ; 9,450 Liter/Day>
  • High rejection Nanofiltration System 0.0009 micron ( Output TDS = Lower than 50 ppm = Remain beneficial minerals ) Available Capacity for choosing : 1,100 Liter/Day ; 2,200 Liter/Day ; 9,450 Liter/Day
  • Low rejection Nanofiltration System 0.0009 micron ( Output TDS = Lower than 150 ppm = Remain more mineral contents ) Available Capacity for choosing : 1,100 Liter/Day ; 2,200 Liter/Day ; 9,450 Liter/Day
  • Ulfiltration System 0.01 micron ( No rejected water , Not reduce TDS ) Available Capacity for choosing : 1,100 Liter/Day ; 2,200 Liter/Day ; 9,450 Liter/Day

NOTE: Above water production systems fully equipped with Pre-UV sterilizer and Post UV sterilizer for double safety.

Water Delivery System

(4 Options for choosing)

  • Ambient temperature water @ flow speed 10 liters/minute
  • Cold water @ flow speed 5 liters/minute
  • Dual delivery; Ambient water & Cold water
  • Flavor Mixing Water : Fruit Extracts or Tea Extracts

(5 Options for choosing)

  • Coin acceptor
  • Smart Card
  • RFID card
  • Bill Acceptor + coin changer
  • Coin Acceptor + coin changer


(Options for choosing)

  • Ozone Bottle Washer
  • Ozone-UV delivery nozzle
  • Pre treatment filters for tough water condition /Iron& Manganese
  • Anti-Scalant Device ( ASD filter ) for high hardness water
  • LCD Slideshow Monitor for Advertising or Instruction
  • UV sterilizer inside Water Storage tank
  • Water Flood pump & Leakage shut off

Need more Information about Our Water Vending Machince.

And a Variety of Reasons.

  • Quality Fiberglass body; Lighter weight; Easy to handle and transport; Lifetime- rust free; Nice looking to attract customer, Any Color as required (in quantity order).
  • Utilize high-quality filter parts to install for commercial application under supervision of water expertise, 7-10 stages water purification system with FDA & NSF approved parts from USA & Korea & Italy
  • User’s friendly; Easier to service & Maintenance.
  • Use only high-quality Polyethylene RO water storage tank and dispense the water by USA’s delivery pump + electronic flow sensor at a constant speed 10 liters/minute.
  • All pipes and pipe connectors are NSF & FDA approved for drinking water application.
  • Electronic controlling is very User’s friendly; Enclosed in a plastic box to prevent wetted environment; Easily adjust by the customer; Highly flexible for price adjustment or price promotion program; Ready-to-serve for SMS/GSM alert system


UPFRONT meaning that: we ship extra parts when we ship the machines (in the same container).
EXTRA SPARE PARTS: are calculated between 5-10% of the order, and depending on the likely hood of their failure.
FOR EXAMPLE: if a full container of EWVM (23 machines) is ordered, each machine has a delivery pump by default, so we would ship 2 delivery pumps extra as spare (23 x 10% = 2 pumps) and so on for the rest of the parts inside the machine.
WE USE THIS SYSTEM BECAUSE It minimizes downtime of the customer’s machine. For when a certain part in the machine breaks down, the customer can replace the damaged part(s) immediately without waiting for us to ship the parts, which could take up to a month depending on the part and shipping destination.


  • We provide technical support by email, our technical department replies emails within 1 business day.
  • We are also willing to provide technical support through telephone or instant messaging service based on an arranged time and date requested by the customer.

For best technical support and fastest solution, we highly recommend following these steps in order:

  • Email our technical support department: with an exact and clear description of the problem, the email should include:
    1. Symptoms of the problems, and how often they occur.
    2. A number of machines having these problems.
    3. Images of every machine having this problem, the image should show the problematic area.
  • Receive an email from our technical support department within 1 business day, The email will contain a list of tests to be performed on the machines with the problem.
  • Perform tests and email back the results to our technical support department.
  • Receive solution: based on the test results, however in some cases, further test are required depending on the nature of the problem.

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